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Besides all of the fun found when using a modeling clay or play dough, Fun-Therapy putty can be an excellent addition for learning activities and for motor skills, hand and eye coordination exercises.

Aside of the fun and healing benefit, the goal of Fun-Therapy is to serve also as a

tool for these learning experiences.

Made with fun and therapeutic essential oils, Fun-Therapy putty makes any creation and experience a great one!


Learning Benefits using Fun-Therapy dough as a modeling play dough 

It's what's on the inside that counts

Is the care and attention to details.

One putty at a time. 

Using Fun-Therapy putty as a modeling clay or play dough can bring some fun and educational opportunities. Kids enjoy playdough and with its aroma-therapeutic and fun scents, it can bring a fun and a soothing feeling while in the learning.


What are some of the benefits?

  •  It can strengthen and improve fine and bilateral motor skills. The muscles we use to hold a pencil are the same muscles used when playing with play dough.

Motor skills
  • Another benefit is that Fun-Therapy putty can help to reduce stress. If a child or an adult is having a hard day, they need to reset just like us. Fun-Therapy can be an excellent tool for this purpose. Give him/her a big hug (that's always great!), provide a piece of Fun-Therapy putty and let the child or adult to squish, mash and enjoy its therapeutic aroma. This will help to take those feelings out of their system. It will serve as a distraction and eventually they will start creating and creativity always brings the fun and the best in us! 

  • Fun-Therapy putty is perfect to enhance imagination

  • Fun-Therapy putty it is great learning tool for teaching literacy and math concepts. 


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